We came up with the idea of making our own skin products long ago. We have used them on our skin and we love the results. With a mixture of organic raw butters and oils we have created an amazing product. We have created skin care products that are formulated for most skin types.

We only use the highest quality of ingredients to guarantee that you receive the maximum benefits. So we decided that we wanted to share our experience with beautiful men and women to enhance, renew, revitalize and maintain the beauty of their skin.

All our products are organically handmade made from plant based ingredients. Then nestled together to create a product that makes your skin healthier. No synthetic ingredients involved. We've incorporated organic and natural butters and oils and essential oils into our butters. Our soaps contains charcoal, tumeric and natural earth clays, essential oils and non GMO fragrances to into our products to give you the ultimate results for your body and your spirit.

So we invite you to come and experience K~Butta products so that your skin may get the attention that it deserves